We are farmers. We nurture crops to enrich your life with the flavor of health and wellness in the era of adulterated food and polluted lands.

Gau Organics strives to fill stomachs with love and hearts with contentment without compromising the earth or human health.

With plenty of love in our hearts and a purpose in mind, we engineer the best organic food products for you. Established as a Partnership firm in the year 2016, “PEI Organic Foods LLP” is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of organic products like Cow Ghee, Organic Jaggery, Bee Honey, etc.

  • Engineers by nature, Farmers by choice.

    We are seventh-generation farmers who are inspired by ancient food science & sustainability. Our farming practices are guided by the principles of natural farming. We bring food to your table which is holistic, honest & traceable to its source.

    An Engineer a farmer. Having a strong back in electrical, mechanical, and a group of trained engineers and technicians in our R&D team since the 1970s. We make sure to provide an extra edge on the technology upfront for our fellow farmers in the segment.

    Future lies in science, food science, or technology science, we are here for that!

  • Our farm

    Our 80 acre farm is 100% self feasible with every one of the required assets for any cultivating practices.

    For water harvesting we have prepared the solar pump framework.

    Bio gas plant of 80 kw with 24x7 continuous power supplies and methane gas supply to fuel ovens at our farm for cooking purposes.

    We have more than 50 workers with intense team spirit.

Our Farm Life

Our Fields

Our Irrigation Layout

Our Livestock